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Options Workshops
Skill-based Workshops


Emotional Intelligence and Virtual Reality Workshop

Scenario-based training workshops use virtual reality (VR)  technology to promote collaborative discussions on how to apply emotional intelligence and deescalation techniques to real-life situations such as cyber-bullying, hate  crimes, guns, and gangs. Scenarios were conceptualized by Options participants, who provided insight and crucial feedback to developers.

Workshop Duration: 1-3 Days

Financial Wellness Workshop

Our Financial Wellness workshop features content experts and guest speakers who engage young people in interactive discussions that emphasize the concept of “health is wealth” with a focus on budgets, building credit and avoiding debt traps, banking, investing, and intergenerational wealth.

Workshop Duration: 1-2 Days

Bronx Wellness-21.jpg

Health and Wellness Workshop

In the Health and Wellness Workshop, young people will learn the fundamentals of emotional, social, and physical wellness.

In addition to these personal wellness skills, students will work on community projects including “wellness days” and the development of a communication campaign to raise awareness throughout

The Bronx communities.

Workshop Duration : 1-2 Days (Optional 4-6 Week Extension)


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