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          The New York City Police Foundation and the NYPD established the Options Program, which provides innovative training programs and establishes collaborative partnerships to advance personal and professional development for NYC youth.  The Options team provides workshops to engage youth in social-emotional development training, life-skills and career guidance workshops, and community wellness activities.


             Presentations are between 1-5 days. The teams also work with some of the highest crime schools in each borough for the duration of a school's entire semester.

       In addition to school visits, young people participate in continued wellness and career development activities at centers located throughout the city.


•To develop decision-making skills and career-development opportunities for NYC youth 

•To create ongoing positive and productive working relationships between youth and the NYPD.

•To work in collaboration with schools to increase students and parents safety and perception of safety in schools.




       Options Workshops uses virtual reality scenarios to allow for both NYPD officers and youth participants to hear different perspectives, build common ground, and gain an understanding of the impact of their decisions.

   In addition to schools, Options workshops are presented in partnership with:

•The Department of Education

•Administration for Children’s Services facilities

•NYC Housing Authority community centers

•Community-based organizations

•Department of Youth and Community Development


The Options curriculum includes:

•Emotional Intelligence

•Decision Making


•Situational Awareness

•Financial and Personal wellness

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