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This "secret/not-so-secret" page is dedicated to showing 
how our youth express themselves using different forms of art.
"The Options Program is more than your ordinary program. It’s a family of people who strive to do better for themselves and their community. It’s a second home…”
-John Negron

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Natalia A. - 17 y/o

"These images are a diversified representation of the conflict regarding freedom in these unprecedented times. Not only physical but social, mental, and emotional freedom. The conflict of Law Enforcement vs the people; females vs the societal standards we are held to; our minds vs why they are so complex; the impact of our emotions vs all of the above…"


Website:  https://nataliasphotography.com

“The Options Program is an opportunistic and rewarding experience. It broadens my perspective of expectation for surrounding members of the community”
- Natalia Alegarbes
“To me, the Options Program gives kids the opportunity to change their view on policing and gives them an inside look into the NYPD people wouldn’t normally see. I believe it’s a really great program with good intentions that can help young adults get opportunities so they don’t feel the need to turn to crime.”
-Nialli Johnson
Elsouljah R. - 18 y/o

"Mixed media on recycled cardboard. This orientation represents the ongoing topical issues of social injustice. This piece was inspired after the tragic death of George Floyd with respectful mentions of Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin."


William F. - 17 y/o

"This piece is important to me because it not only brings awareness to the discrimination people face in today’s society but it also shows that nobody deserves to be labeled under any term shown on the artwork."'