Options Fundamentals

Options Fundamentals: A program teaching emotional intelligence and de-escalation, using virtual reality scenarios. The course is hosted by NYPD personnel and youth facilitators in either a 1-day, 90 minute discussion, or in 3 days of 30 minute sessions. To enhance participation, group size is limited to 6-20 youth, ages 10 to 18. Immersive Technology presentations (e.g. ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, etc.) are also available. Presentations can be customized to include hosting organizations' interests.
Virtual Reality Decision Making Workshop

This video demonstrates how the NYPD uses Options Virtual Reality to teach decision-making skills.

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Community Wellness Workshop
Finacial Wellness Workshop

Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of what Options teaches young people. If you can handle a stressful, emotional situation well, you will keep your options open. And over time, that will help you to succeed in school, at work, and in life.

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