What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to read your emotions and control how you react in different situations. It also refers to the ability to read other people’s emotions and understand how they will react, and how you should react to them. Having high emotional intelligence allows you to control your emotions, treat others with empathy and respect, and develop better relationships with other people.

Emotional Intelligence doesn’t aim to prevent people from feeling or expressing negative feelings. Anger, fear, and sorrow are important parts of being human. But there are good, productive ways to feel those thoughts, where you can keep your emotions under control, and there are bad ways to feel them, where you cannot control your impulsive actions. For example, teaching Emotional Intelligence helps you to spot when your feelings of anger might make you say or do something you’ll regret later. Having a high Emotional Intelligence will help you step away, cool off, and handle your feelings of anger better.

The Mood Meter above is an example of a tool that is used to help participants articulate their emotions and learn emotional literacy.