Latin Dance Track


  • Primarily teaching both Salsa on 2 and Bachata basics, this course allows students of all backgrounds to gain insight on the latin dance community in the comfort of the NYPD Community Center at 127 Penn.

  • Sharing techniques from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and New York City itself, students are able to enhance their footwork and rhythm by distinguishing different counts, recognizing various instruments including the conga, and build memorable bonds with their peers.

  • Baila Conmigo was created by talented youth to encourage the embodiment of traditional styles, embrace the latin dance community, and embody traditional styles ranging from afro-cuban, ballroom, and more. Over a basis of 6 weeks, students are expected to showcase their salsa and bachata skills (these are finely taught the first 5 weeks), and establish the appropriate counts of any songs.